Stop Explosive Investments

In 2008 governments negotiated the Convention on Cluster Munitions that bans the use, production, stockpiling and transfer of cluster bombs. It also prohibits all countries that have joined the Convention to assist anyone in any activity banned under the Convention, such as the production of cluster bombs. To date, 118 countries have ratified the Convention.

The Ottawa Treaty banning landmines and the Convention on Cluster Munitions both state that “each State Party undertakes never under any circumstance to assist, encourage or induce, in any way anyone to engage in any activity prohibited to a State Party under this Convention.” We believe that financing the production of antipersonnel mines or cluster bombs or their components should clearly constitute “assistance” or encouragement.

Cluster bombs continue to be produced in some countries that have not yet outlawed these weapons. Although countries that have joined the Convention must stop producing cluster bombs, some banks and other financial institutions in or from these countries continue to fund their production by investing in corporations that manufacture them elsewhere. This undermines the commitment these countries have made to ban these weapons and runs counter to their obligations under international law.

MAC is working hard to see all Canadian financial institutions articulate a clear position and policy against these types of investments and Canada's legislation is changed to prohibit investment in producers of cluster munitions.

Help ensure your investments don't bomb:

  • Learn more about the Stop Explosive Investments Campaign including which financial institutions are investing in cluster munition producers.

  • Write a letter to your bank

    • Ask them to clarify their policies on investing in producers of cluster bombs.

    • Let them know you do not want your money financing weapons that pose unacceptable risks to civilians and are banned by the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

    • Let MAC know of any responses you receive so we can ensure we are working with the most accurate information.

  • Write a letter to your Member of Parliament

    • Ask them to support pending legislation (Bill C-281 and Bill S-225)  to clearly prohibit investments in companies that produce cluster munitions or their components in Canada now that we are state party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

    • Find your MP here and remember it's free to mail letters to the House of Commons.

    • Let MAC know if you receive a response we should follow up on!

  • Invest in a world free of cluster bombs and landmines by supporting MAC

    • Organize a Monopoly, Payday or Life tournament. Charge an entrance fee or ask players to donate a portion of their game winnings in real funds!

    • Gather a group of friends or classmates and auction off your goods and services (e.g. one hour of snow shoveling, babysitting for an evening, music lessons). Donate the proceeds to MAC.

    • Become a monthly or one-time donor and make a gift to support this work!