Bomb Appetit

Help rid the world of landmines and cluster munitions while enjoying good food and company!

Use our Bomb Appetit dinner party guide to host a fundraising meal with your friends, family or co-workers. We have re-released Bomb Appetit to mark the

 10th anniversary of the Convention on Cluster Munitions with brand new recipes and some updated ideas for how to host your Bomb Appetit fundraiser as a virtual dinner party or a picnic to help maintain physical distancing instead of having everyone in your home. On this page, you can find the Bomb Appetit

 guide, information on how to donate and videos that you could show at your party.

The Bomb Appetit Guide

Download the guide here or by clicking the image below. You can also download a French version here. Thank you to our colleagues from around the world for sharing their recipes.


Support Mines Action Canada

To donate online, please visit


Videos and Resources

To learn more about the landmine and cluster munition situation in a particular country, please visit

A good way to show the impact of landmines and cluster munitions is to watch a video so here are some videos you could share with your guests. 

  • MAC's YouTube Channel (watch link)
  • The International Campaign to Ban Landmine's YouTube Channel (watch link)
  • The Cluster Munition Coalition's YouTube Channel (watch link)
  • UN Disarmament Education video series (watch link)