• MAC’s Youth Leadership, Education and Action Program contributes to reducing the humanitarian and development impact of landmines and cluster bombs by providing resources and training to mine action and development organizations and youth from around the world.
  • The resources and training are meant to build the capacity of the organizations to utilize young people in their work, and build the capacity of young people to be effective delivery agents of mine action, including advocacy, victim assistance and mine risk education. 
  • By providing forums for mine action and development organizations to collaborate at the regional and international levels, the program aims to help mitigate the humanitarian and development impact of victim-activated weapons. 
  • Youth LEAP conferences and workshops are opportunities for mutual information sharing between sectors, and capacity building for both on how to more effectively utilize a prime resource: youth. The youth participants will be cross-pollinators between sectors, integrating mine action objectives into development programs and vice-versa.
  • Youth LEAP takes place in the form of international youth forums organized alongside major international meetings on cluster bombs and landmines; a globally coordinated virtual Youth to Youth Action Network; apprenticeship programs; and a small grants program.
  • MAC has produced a manual on the best practices of working with youth for a mine-free world, which is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian
  • MAC also has online resources for youth campaigners looking to develop their leadership and campaigning skills.