Mines Action Canada and its advocates realize the importance of public opinion in influencing the government agenda. A letter writing campaign is ongoing to engage the Canadian public, the media, high profile Canadians and our representatives at all levels of government to call upon them to take stronger action.

Get Local Media Involved

Write to your local newspaper reporters or post on your blog,

  • spread the word to newspaper, radio, and TV personalities,
  • submit articles or comment online with alternative media outlets,
  • Check our How–To–Guide for getting media attention.

Contact your MP

Write a letter to your Member of Parliament or to the Prime Minister to ensure Canada continues to provide global leadership – politically and financially - on landmines and cluster bombs until all obligations of both Conventions are met, organize a “Write–athon” at your school or university, engage as many participants as possible, check our How–To–Guide for engaging the government.