Choose your favourite 2014 Success

Many people are looking back on 2014 as a terrible year world wide full of death, war and disease.  Fortunately, things are not as bad as they seem.  The humanitarian disarmament world has seen a lot of successes this year.  

The Arms Trade Treaty becoming international law [entering into force] on Dec. 24?

The U.S. banning landmines everywhere in the world with the exception of Korea?

The Govt of Austria’s pledge to work for a ban on nuclear weapons? (need to check actual wording)

Clearpath Robotics becoming the first commercial company in the world to support a ban on killer robots?

More than 150 countries condemning the use of cluster munitions in Syria? (need to check accuracy)

The first ever international meeting on Rape in Conflict held in the UK (need to check accuracy of title)



Depleted Uranium

What do you think was the biggest humanitarian disarmament story in 2014?