Campaigners from around the world ask Canada to #fixthebill

As Bill C-6 implementing the global ban on cluster munitions is being studied by the Foreign Affairs Standing Committee, campaigners from around the world are seriously concerned because the legislation allows Canadians to help use and request that other countries use a banned weapon.  They have a message for Canada - #fixthebill!

A video message from Lynn in the USA:

Nora from the USA:

Leila from London:

Lucy from the UK and Umedjon from Tajikistan:

A video message from Thoummy in Laos:

Moaffak from Iraq:

Mutebar from Turkey:

Nicola from Geneva:

Serena from Taiwan Province of China:

Shushira from Thailand and Seevue from Laos:

Sylvie from France:

Umedjon from Tajikistan:

Vidya from Sri Lanka:

Boibat from Western Sahara:

Atle from Norway:

Ayman from Egypt:

Eva from Germany:

Lucy from London and Geoffrey from South Sudan:

Jeff from the USA:

Ken from the USA:

A video message from Richard in the UK:

Ban Advocates and cluster bomb survivors in Vietnam:

Ana-Maria from Peru:

Tamar from the United States:

Gus in Vietnam:

A video message from Susan from the United States:

Kasia, Tamar and Firoz in Geneva:

Olivia from Canada:

The Landmine Survivors Initiative in Bosnia:

Merel, Lucy and Amy in London:

Chuck, a Vietnam vet who clears cluster bombs in Vietnam:

Morgan, Arthur, Amelie and Jared in Geneva:

Firoz from Afghanistan has a video message for Canada:

Mr. Thi and friends in Vietnam: 






Bill C-6 was previously known as Bill S-10 and campaigners spoke out then as well.

A video message from Katarina, Danijel (cluster munition survivor) and Miodrag in Serbia.

Mamady from Senegal

Franky from DR Congo

Bekele from Ethiopia

Mystica from Uganda and Aisha from Yemen

Sherko from Iraq

Umedjon from Tajikistan

Tun Channareth from Cambodia with students from Northeastern University and Susan B. Walker from USA

Dinka from Croatia

Muja from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Steve from the United States

Reth from Cambodia

Loren from Australia

Thoummy, Cluster Munition Survivor, from Laos PDR

Abino from Mozambique

Geoffrey from South Sudan

Miriam and Roos from the Netherlands

Jelena from Serbia and Nerina from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mary from New Zealand

Mutebar from Turkey

Shusira from Thailand

Marion from France

Daniel from the UK

Patrick from Swizterland, Lucy from the UK and Morgan from Ireland

Amelie from Canada

Khairi and Rudwan from Libya

Phongsavath, cluster munition survivor, from Laos

Sylvie from France

Artwork from Proud Students Against Landmines in West Virginia, USA, displayed by MAC staff and Canadian Members of Parliament.

Nora from the United States

Jeff from the United States

Mirma Mae from the Philippines

Men, Kyra, Not, Reasmy, Sokha and her son Samnang, from Cambodia

Seevanh from Laos

Olga from Colombia

Rhian from Canada

Juan Pablo from Colombia

Jose Rodrigo from Colombia

Jérôme from Canada

Frances from the Philippines

The Japan Campaign to Ban Landmines

Ana from the Philippines

Iverly from the Philippines

Isotta from Italy

Landmine Survivors Initiative from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photos from the Street in Brussels:

The message is clear - it is time for Canada to #fixthebill.