What were the Mine Action Fellows up to in 2023?

Do you want to know what the Mine Action Fellows were up to last year? Read our new report on their activities in 2023! 

Mines Action Canada was able to hold two in-person forums alongside international meetings in Geneva, Switzerland and 33 youth from 20 countries around the world attended. At each Forum, a Mine Action Fellow delivered opening remarks on behalf of the ICBL-CMC and delivered a final youth statement in Plenary. The Fellows also participated in activities such as having meetings with States, holding peer learning sessions, and attending Plenary. The Fellows received great recognition and feedback from diplomats and civil society who also attended the meetings. This year, the Mexican Presidency for the Cluster Munition Convention 12th Meeting of States Parties asked for a Mine Action Fellow to deliver opening remarks for their youth contest demonstrating that the Mine Action Fellows are regarded as youth leaders in disarmament spaces. In addition to the Forums, all Mine Action Fellows received a monthly learning email to increase their disarmament knowledge and promote connection with the youth network.

To learn more about what the Fellows were doing in 2023, read the report here!