Prohibiting Investment in Cluster Munitions

Mines Action Canada is pleased to see that Senator Salma Ataullahjan has tabled Bill S-235 an amendment to the Prohibiting Investments in Cluster Munitions Act which aims to amend the current legislation on cluster munitions. Canada has prohibited the production of cluster munitions, but this amendment will go one step further by prohibiting Canadian companies from investing in entities which produce these indiscriminate weapons. MAC welcomes this amendment as a necessary step towards humanitarian disarmament, post-conflict reconstruction, and the protection of civilians.

In her Second Reading speech Senator Ataullahjan effectively summarizes the importance of this amendment when she states, “To invest in companies that produce cluster munitions is to invest in the devastation and misery they cause… Canada has been a global leader against landmines. Let us also be a leader against the production and use of cluster munitions.” 

Debate on Bill S235 has been adjourned and should resume after the March break.  Keep an eye on our social media for more updates!