Disarmament Successes in 2014

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots had a pretty good 2014 but many people view 2014 as a terrible year full of death, war and disease around the world. Fortunately, things are not as bleak as the news makes them look. The humanitarian disarmament world has seen a lot of successes this year and each of these successes is a win for humanity.  So let’s recap the good news stories of 2014 in the humanitarian disarmament world.

As we get started on 2015, it’s time to pick our favourite humanitarian disarmament success story of 2014. We conducted a poll with over 200 respondents to see what the biggest humanitarian success story of 2014 was. They voted for Clearpath Robotics becoming the first commercial company in the world to support a ban on killer robots! The second highest vote was for the Arms Trade Treaty becoming international law [entering into force] on Dec. 24 and the third highest was The Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons and the Austrian Pledge.

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