Ukraine One Year On

One year later, our comments on Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine are just as relevant today.
Over the past year, cluster munition strikes have killed and injured hundreds. The bombing and shelling of cities and towns has forced millions to flee, killed and maimed civilians, and decimated civilian infrastructure. Landmines contaminate vast amounts of land with global implications for food security.
As always, it is the civilians who have borne the brunt of these inhumane weapons. The Ukrainian casualties have been horrific and will continue to rise until the land is clear of all mines and explosive remnants of war.
On the one year anniversary of the invasion, we pay tribute to the brave Ukrainian deminers clearing land, to the risk education officers teaching safe behaviors and to the medical personnel treating the injured. MAC welcomes Canada's support for demining in Ukraine and encourage the Government of Canada to continue this support long term. Lives and livelihoods depend on it.
We reiterate our call for all parties to join the Convention on Cluster Munitions and for Russia to cease the use of landmines and accede to the Ottawa Treaty immediately.